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If you want to find crystals wholesales, Crystals Wholesale USA is the right platform for you. We are trusted crystals manufacturer and we have supplied to more than 150 wholesalers in US and Asia.

With 10 years experience in selling a wide selection of authentic mineral specimens and crystals, rest assured all our products are authentic and genuine (unless otherwise specified). 

Why source crystals from multiple locations when everything you need is all in one place? We are located at the heart of China's largest crystal wholesale hub in Donghai, the centre point of crystal distribution around the world. Ask and you'll probably find what you need (subject to seasonal supplies)! It also means that we can supply orders of virtually any quantity – if you don’t see it on our website, just ask us🙂

Be it 10 units or 10,000 units - just tell us the quantity you need and we will try to meet your requirements. Please contact us via email for the quantity order!

DHL Express and Fedex are our official carrier of choice. Delivery takes about 7 days to the US.

Please note that we are shipping from Donghai, China.

Shipping to USA&Canada only and free shipping over $199!

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