• We will do livesale every Wednesday, Thursday and weekends, 6-10pm EST.
  • Live Sale video playback here.
  • If you're new to our LIVE Sales, it can be a little fast paced. There's also a delay (usually around 10 seconds) between when I'm speaking and you hearing what I've said- so that can cause some confusion at times. 
  • We will hold up the items one by one for your viewing. When we do this we will let you know its  price.You can not claim an item until we hold it up and are showing it
  • Comment "Sold" "Mine" or "Me" (something to indicate you would like to claim the item) followed by the price of the item and the letter of that item (if applicable).We will put your items in the transparent bag and let you take a screenshot, so that you can check the items you purchased at any time.
  • All orders should go through the website, we will manually create an order on our website and send a link to you for payment(by paypal).
  • Because the order is paid through our website, Gift card and coupons can also be used.
  • Please pay your order within 24 hours of it being sent.
  • Free shipping over $160. livesale items and website shipping rules are the same.shipping policy.

Contact Us

Please contact us your email address at the end of the sale so that we can send you a invoice for your claimed items.sales@crystalswholesaleusa.com
SMS:+1 7205801415
Whatsapp: here
EMAIL: sales@crystalswholesaleusa.com