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I received 25 different size hearts. All beautiful!

Amazing Quality

These towers have amazing quality and for such a great price. These are even more gorgeous in person.

5 stars

These mini sodalite goddess bodies are so cute!


Words cannot express how beautiful these towers are!

Amazing Quality!

These geodes are flying off my shelf. They’re mesmerizing and a beautiful staple to any collection. I have ordered from them for 75% of my inventory and will continue to do so because of the amazing customer service and quality of products! I already sold out of the 3.5” astrophyllite towers, another great purchase! Thank you guys!

Citrine Stars

They are the perfect palm size to hold in the hand. Very comfortable. Not small and not too big. The color is beautiful and the sizes are all about the same. They sold right away and customers love them. I got them in all the other crystals types that are available. They all sell very well. Never had a bad experience with this company. They have a customer for life.


They are very tiny but each one has great flash!

Fabulous patters

These carnelian towers have very vibrant patters and color transitions.

Good quality, very cute

Lovely kambaba spheres, good size, well made

Green Aventurine

Beautiful green aventurine tumbles, good color

The acorns are lovely

Very well cut and lovely little acorns

Good quality, very cute

Cute fluorite moons, very lovely colors of fluorite

Lovely starfish

Well made and lovely colors in the ocean jasper

Cute shells

Cute ocean jasper shells, well made

Lovely blue tiger eye spheres

Very lovely with lots of vibrant blue

Yellow Tiger Eye Tumbled Wholesale


This was my third order with this seller and they have amazing quality crystals! The druzy on these Carnelian Towers are exceptional! Everything is always packed well amazingly and arrives in a reasonable time frame. I will definitely continue to order from this seller.

So shiny

The detail on these are great. They look chiseled and then polished

Beautiful druzy cavities

Each one has nice moss, some have light blue agate streaks and a few have white caverns with druzy crystals. We’ll done.

Pretty amazing colors

People always look surprised when I say there are four tiger eye colors. This bracelet lets me show them all at once. The chatoyance is fabulous.

So beautiful

Each one has such an intricate pattern. I like to wear two rhodochrosite bracelets with a malachite in the middle. Pink and green just pop together!

Beautiful amethyst bracelets!

The color varies slightly between medium and dark purple, I love that! These are genuine crystal beads and I can even feel the positive shift they bring into the space. This is a popular one as many people enjoy it for sleep, meditation, and overall feeling calmness. A great relief from stress and anxiety too!


I absolutely loved my entire order. I was a bit nervous at first because I wasn’t sure what to except or the quantity. But @crystalwholesaleusa went above my expectations with my order. The mini geodes are literally the perfect size and so stunning! I can’t wait to add them into my art work!

Kris Sedersten

I love them!