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Fast quick reliable customer service. Everything Iv gotten is exactly what I hoped for!!!!!


These Sakura Flower Agate specimens are just gorgeous! Some of them came with beautiful druzys ! The precision cut on these is clean, they are polished very nicely! Shipping was reasonable considering the long distance they traveled. Packaging couldn't of been any better A++ on packaging. Thank you for offering these beautiful pieces! Look forward to future buisness!!


I'm very happy with the quality of the towers selected for me. I really appreciate that I was sent an email confirming my approval of the picks.

As described

These are exactly as described

Absolutely Stunning

These are stunning. Such high flash.

High Quality Selenite Butterfly Bowl Wholesale


Every pieces was perfect! I love the variation in types of dinos - customers often bought one of each. Very nice!

Super cute!

These dinos are so cute! Customers love them! I did get one that was half shaved off and one that wouldn't stand.

Love these!

These dinos are so cute! I ordered crazy lace agate and got a great selection! Customers love them!

The cutest!

These squirrels all arrived with their own unique patterns. The customers LOVE them!

My favorite!

These flying pig are my favorite find yet! I had to keep one for myself. There was a nice variation of colors with the mookaite options. Would buy again!

Love these!

These buddhas are so cute! They are so well carved and all arrived in excellent condition!

So nice!

I love these little mushrooms! Very nicely carved and polished. All of mine were green or purple.


They shape and carving of these skulls was really nicely done. The colors were all brownish though, with little variation. Might buy a different variation next time.

So cute!

I loved these little frogs. 3 were red and 2 were brown. Customers loved them too! Would buy again!

Love these!

I ordered these in zebra stone and they sold out SO fast! Nicely carved and polished. Very happy with purchase. Will probably order a different variation soon!

Love these!

All of these mushrooms were perfect! So nicely shaped with a good variety of carnelian color. Very happy with this purchase!


Nice moons, very uniform. Not all of them had obvious flash, some I had to look really hard for it. This can make them a bit more difficult to sell unfortunately. BUT, a couple had orange/purple flash. Overall happy!

Very Nice!

The fluorite cubes were very nice and there were a bunch of them making them well worth the money. The majority were varying shades of green and purple, a few were a combination of both of those colors and a few were yellow, but not translucent yellow. There were smaller cubes and larger cubes. About 6-8 were chipped or not as nice quality, but there were so many that it wasn't a big deal to have a few less than perfect pieces. Overall I'm happy and would buy again!

Large Dendritic Sage Jasper Tree Stone Tower Point Wholesale

Nicely carved

Each one is a little workof art. You can even see the sheen on the bottom.

Nice, but very small

Not sure what I’ll do with these yet, but they are very pretty.


Absolutely love these!

Nice chatoyance

Each one has nice flash and multiple colors.

Very dainty

Can’t wait to wrap them!