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Healing Crystals - Green Tourmaline

We explore the Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite. While you may have encountered Black Tourmaline before, the lore surrounding Green Tourmaline is truly enchanting. The gods, in their creation of the Earth, passed Tourmaline through a rainbow, imbuing it with a spectrum of colors ranging from reds, oranges, yellows, blues, pinks, purples, and the radiant green hue we're focusing on today.

Green Tourmaline, a crystal of renewal, works harmoniously with the heart chakra, guiding us to rediscover love for life and revitalize the loving essence that resides in our hearts. If you've found yourself disillusioned with love or life, Green Tourmaline can help rekindle your connection with Earth, often referred to as Gaia or Mother Earth. An uplifting meditation involves burying a Green Tourmaline half in the ground, placing one hand on the crystal and the other on your heart, allowing your heartbeat to synchronize with the Earth's energy. This alignment is believed to strengthen your heart's electromagnetic connection with the Earth, promoting heart health and overall well-being.

For those studying herbalism, Green Tourmaline can provide valuable insights into the workings of plants and herbs, serving as a supportive companion in your studies. By transitioning to a plant-based diet like vegetarianism or veganism, wearing or programming Green Tourmaline can aid in understanding and nourishing your body with plant-based nutrition. Tourmalines are associated with change and transformation, and Green Tourmaline can serve as a catalyst for financial shifts, career advancements, or business growth. Wear Green Tourmaline to enhance your financial prospects or place it strategically in your workspace to foster prosperity.

Cleansing all your color Tourmalines is a balancing act best performed in nature, especially during or after rainbows—symbolizing equilibrium and transformation. Your Tourmalines absorb the harmonizing energies of the diverse weather conditions during transitional months. Animal guides like the orangutan offer teachings on connection with nature, encouraging deeper immersion in the natural world. Complement your Green Tourmaline practice with the aromatic essence of vanilla or geranium, both of which enhance grounding, connection, and heart chakra balance.

Aligned with the planet Venus, governing aspects of nature, beauty, and finances, Green Tourmaline resonates with the energies of Venus, making Friday an optimal day for working with this crystal. Green Tourmaline, despite its less mainstream popularity, contains potent Earth-connecting properties, making it a valuable crystal to seek out for grounding and heart-centered practices.

By delving into the depths of Green Tourmaline's energies, may you discover a newfound love and appreciation for this remarkable crystal. My journey with Green Tourmaline has been enriching, and I invite you to embrace its transformational essence in your own practice.

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