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Lovely crystals

I've order about 4 times from this company, and every time is the best quality thank you !!!!


These are absolutely gorgeous. The packing kept them perfectly protected, and the colors are vibrant. I really like how some of them show the raw quartz as well

Love love love

I love the towers so much, they were the perfect size and the colors were awesome. I also liked the detail of the cat, duck and elephant carvings. There were some items that they were out of and the replacement was perfect. I cannot wait until I can order again. I plan on buying more towers and carvings.


they live up to the photos; i would purchase again!


they look just like the picture, and are great quality for cheap


i would purchase again, they look just like the photos 👏

These are great!

I would purchase again, they look just like the pictures


they were wonderful and great quality!

Very lovely and unique pieces.

Each one is beautiful

Well wrapped, fast shipping…. And stunning little geode towers?

Nice colors

Lots of color variations in each crystal

Nice round tumbled shape

The stones have beautiful agate and jasper mixed in.

Very flashy

Some have flash and rainbows.


These might be the coolest carvings I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to stock

Great product!

These ghosts are all very well made. I have purchased two different stones, larvikite and kambaba jasper. The larvikite stone ghosts are always smooth with very sharp features. The kambaba jasper stone ghosts have beautiful variations making each one quite unique. I will definitely be purchasing these ghosts again very soon.

Labradorite skulls

These were beautiful and had a nice flash. They were even better in person. They are such a good quality and size for the money. I was very impressed. This company has the highest quality specimens Ive ever seen. I am a huge fan.

Nice polish

A few even have ruby in them…

Amazing patterns

I’ve bought this malachite several times, and with each order I find a new favorite. This one is definitely staying with me.


These are super cute, they are a little more dull in person than in the photos, but other than that, perfect.


Beautiful, natural malachite!

So cute

These are adorable. Small, but still have amazing detail.

Just okay

It is a beautiful carving, but the one I received has very minimal flash. You really have to play with it at certain angles to get any of the flash to show at all. I just wish the flash looked similar to the few chosen to be shown in the video.

10 Pieces Charoite 13mm Bracelet Wholesale(sold out)

These are very large beads, very lustrous Charoite.


Theresa variety of sizes, most have a lot of flash.

Fun size

Nice chevrons, good color.