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Healing Crystals - Peridot

Peridot, also known by other names such as Olivine and Chrysolite, holds a unique place among crystals. Its distinct properties and powerful formation history make it an invaluable tool for personal growth, emotional healing, and overall transformation. Let's take a deeper dive into what makes Peridot so special and how you can effectively use it in your everyday life.
The Unique Characteristics of Peridot
Consistency in Color
One of the most striking features of Peridot is its consistent coloration. Unlike many other crystals that appear in a variety of colors, Peridot is exclusively green. However, within this green spectrum, there are variations in the intensity and shade, ranging from a yellow-green to an olive-green or even a brown-green. This unique color consistency not only adds to its distinctive beauty but also influences its energy and applications.
Formation in the Depths
Peridot’s formation is another aspect that sets it apart. While most crystals form within the Earth's crust, Peridot, like diamonds, originates deep within the Earth's mantle. It forms in molten rock and is brought to the surface through dramatic geological activities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This deep-earth origin contributes to its powerful and grounding energy, making it a robust tool for transformation and renewal.
Noteworthy Historical Significance
Peridot has been cherished across various cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians referred to it as the "gem of the sun" and believed it had the power to protect the wearer from nightmares and evil spirits. It was also used in their religious jewelry. The Romans admired its vibrant hue, giving it the name "Evening Emerald" because its green color did not darken in the light of the night. Such historical reverence adds layers of mystique and significance to this remarkable stone.
Powerful Uses and Benefits of Peridot
Emotional Healing and Detoxification
Peridot is renowned for its strong regenerative and renewing properties. It is particularly effective in lifting you out of emotional doldrums and bringing fresh new energy into your life. If you have been feeling weighed down by negative emotions like resentment, anger, or jealousy, working with Peridot can help you release these burdens. It's also highly beneficial for overcoming dependencies, particularly on substances like tobacco or other inhalants. By fostering emotional healing, Peridot helps restore your natural balance and guides you towards a path of self-improvement and clarity.
For practical use, consider carrying a piece of Peridot with you. Whenever you catch a negative thought or feeling creeping in, grab your Peridot and recite a positive affirmation to counter it. Over time, this practice can help reprogram your thought patterns towards positivity and well-being.
Psychological Relief and Enhancement
Peridot can also be an excellent aid for psychological health. Its vibrations are conducive to meditation and mental clarity. For instance, placing Peridot on the third eye or around the head area during meditation can help break down psychological barriers and restrictive thought patterns. Additionally, it can assist with memory recall. If you often misplace items like your car keys, holding Peridot to your third eye and relaxing can help jog your memory and bring those misplaced items to mind.
Beyond mundane recall, Peridot is also beneficial for accessing deeper memories, such as those from childhood or even past lives. This can be particularly useful in therapeutic or healing sessions, where understanding past experiences can aid in current emotional healing.
Abundance and Prosperity
Green crystals, in general, are associated with abundance, and Peridot is no exception. Its connection to growth and revitalization makes it a powerful stone for attracting various forms of abundance. This could range from financial prosperity to opportunities for love and personal growth. If you're starting a new venture or project, carrying or wearing Peridot can enhance your chances of success and bring luck to your endeavors.
In gardening or environmental work, Peridot can also be remarkably effective. Burying pieces of Peridot in your garden or using them in plant pots can help revitalize and encourage growth in your plants, creating a thriving and abundant environment.
Manifestation Practices with Peridot
Working with Peridot can be deeply enriching when it comes to manifesting your desires. Here’s a simple yet powerful manifestation ritual you can try:
Gathering Elements: Find five small pebbles, seeds, or other natural items.
Drawing a Pentagram: On the ground, trace a five-pointed star (pentagram) and place the five items at each point of the star.
Setting Your Intention: Hold your Peridot, whisper your desire to it, and place it in the center of the pentagram.
Meditation: Close your eyes, visualize your desire manifesting, and open yourself to the wisdom of Earth elementals like gnomes, who are traditional keepers of manifestation knowledge.
Completion: Leave the setup overnight if possible, especially if it’s in a safe, outdoor space like your garden. Carry the Peridot with you afterward to remain aligned with your goal and stay attuned to new opportunities.
Angelic and Animal Energies
Angelic Connections
Peridot resonates vibrantly with specific angelic beings, enhancing its transformative energy. You can call upon Archangels such as Sabriel and Daniel when working with this crystal:
Archangel Sabriel: Known for bringing miracles and opening the heart. If you’re facing an insurmountable challenge, asking for Sabriel’s guidance can pave the way for miraculous outcomes.
Archangel Daniel: Associated with new beginnings, eloquence, and grace. If you’re embarking on a new path or aiming to improve your expression, invoking Daniel can offer profound support.
Animal Guides
In addition to angelic help, animal guides like the Dragonfly also enrich Peridot’s energy. Dragonflies symbolize transformation, insight, and the ability to navigate through changes with grace. Meditating on the image of a dragonfly or surrounding yourself with dragonfly symbols can amplify Peridot’s transformative properties.
Protection and Strengthening Energies
Peridot is historically revered as a protective stone against various forms of negativity. Wearing Peridot on the receptive side of your body (the non-dominant hand) or near the neck can shield you from the impact of sorcery, bad luck, evil spirits, and interpersonal conflicts like gossip and betrayal. Setting it in gold enhances its protective and uplifting qualities, resonating with the Sun’s energy for renewal and expansion.
Spleen Chakra and Energizing Chi
Peridot is also linked with the spleen chakra, which regulates the flow of Chi (life force energy) into and out of the body. This makes it particularly effective for people who deal with energy vampires or feel drained by their environment. Wearing Peridot on the left side of your body, close to the spleen chakra, can help maintain your energy levels and protect against external drains.
Complementary Energies for Enhanced Influence
Boosting Peridot’s energy by incorporating complementary elements can be highly beneficial. Here are some suggestions:
Astrological Influence
Peridot’s energy is aligned with the planet Venus, making Friday the most powerful day to work with this crystal. Venus governs love, beauty, and abundance, enhancing Peridot’s abilities to attract prosperity and positive transformations.
Proper Cleansing Methods for Peridot
To maintain Peridot’s powerful energy, regular cleansing is essential. Depending on your needs, you can choose different cleansing methods:
Fire: For rapid and transformative cleansing, pass Peridot through candle flames three times quickly.
Earth: For steady, long-lasting change, bury it in the earth or place it on natural soil.
Sun: For overall growth and expansion, cleanse it under sunlight, preferably at sunrise.
Peridot is far more than just a beautiful green gemstone. Its unique formation, powerful regenerative properties, and wide range of uses make it an exceptional tool for personal growth, emotional healing, and manifesting abundance.

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