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Healing Crystals - Que Sera

Que Sera is known for its hyper-energetic and beautiful energy-cleansing properties. It's fantastic for grounding and protection, particularly for healers and those who deal with heavy or negative energy. The energy of Que Sera provides a grounding clarity that empowers you to face challenges with renewed vigor.
Que Sera is fantastic for the nervous system.This crystal helps heal and balance the intricate system of nerves in the body, similar to how roots support a tree. The darker and lighter browns within this crystal enhance its protective properties and support the immune system.
Que Sera is a brilliant crystal for meditation. It calms the mind, helping eliminate incessant thoughts and allowing universal energy to flow more freely. This makes it an ideal companion for practices like yoga, mantras, and other spiritual activities.
If you’re a healer, Que Sera is a must-have in your collection. This crystal enhances your connection to Mother Earth, allowing you to draw energy from the ground and channel it effectively during healing sessions. Wear or hold Que Sera to keep yourself grounded as you work.
Que Sera is also excellent for protecting against negative energy, especially if you are in the vicinity of toxic or aggressive individuals. It acts as a shield, protecting you from harmful vibrations and helping you remain centered and calm.
Que Sera works wonderfully for animals as well, bringing comfort and healing to pets. Its energy helps balance their natural state, promoting overall well-being.
To maintain its vibrant energy, regularly cleanse Que Sera. While saltwater is effective, burying it in the Earth for a couple of days is especially beneficial. This recharges the crystal, bringing it back to its natural vibrancy. Sunlight and moonlight can also be used to cleanse and charge Que Sera.

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