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About us

Over ten years ago we started our journey,turning our family workshop into a sustainable factory.Our family has always had a passion for real crystals and our desire to spread love and healing vibes worldwide has only grown stronger.
This passion has grown our business into one of the largest crystal companies , supplying the highest quality,most beautiful products straight from our factory to your home or warehouse.

What is it that we do?

Every raw mineral and crystal that we select has been obtained using the most ethical and eco-friendly method available,Our products are skillfully handcrafted by some of the best people in the industry today right here in our own factory. using only the finest quality materials available.
 If an item isnt made by us personally in our own shop you can be assured that it came from a local artisan that we know very well and fully trust. Their commitment to provide the highest quality and sustainability is equal to our own.

Why choose us?

We here dedicate ourselves to producing only the highest quality products. The materials that we use are purchased where they originate from. We then pass on the savings directly to our customers by allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible, below that of our competitors. We refuse to compromise on quality! We want to provide you a product with value that will last a life time.
For those of our customers who are buying stock for resale, we want to supply you with inventory at a cost that will assure a profit margin to help your business excel so that you will return time and time again. The relationship we have with all of our customers is important to us.
We guarantee that all of the information you give us will be kept private and securely protected. We promise to never sell any of your information to a third party. On this, you have our word.