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Please note that we will pay all taxes for you(including VAT), and the package will be shipped directly to your address. We will first send the package to an agent in the UK, who will then send it to you, so you don’t have to pay tax. The tracking information will be updated when the package arrives at the UK agent (usually 8–12 days).


  • Free shipping over $199USD(about£157GBP)  for UK. 
  • Shipment within 2-7 days. There may be some delays due to large order or holiday season. 
  • All orders are shipped from our warehouse in China.
  • Customs and Brokerage charges for shipping to the UK will be borne by us(DDP shipping method).
  • We reserve the right to use a comparable shipping method when necessary.

UK Shipping Policy

Order over 199USD(about£157GBP).
  • Free Express Shipping (DHL/FEDEX/UPS)
  • You will receive the goods in 14-18 days (subject to local custom delays).
Order less than 199USD(about157GBP).
  • Express Shipping fees $25USD( 20GBP)
  • You will receive the goods in 14-18 days (subject to local custom delays).


    A Delivery Duty Paid agreement means the seller assumes all the responsibility, risk, and costs associated with transporting the goods until the buyer receives them at an agreed destination, which could be , fulfillment center, or the buyer’s doorstep.
    DDP indicates that the crystalswholesaleusa.com assumes all the risk and transportation costs,Customs and Brokerage charges for shipping to the UK will be borne by us.

    The seller is responsible for:

    • Shipping costs

    • Export and import duties and licenses

    • Customs documentation

    • Taxes, including VAT

    • Insurance

    • Storage costs if there are delays

    • Replacement costs if goods are damaged or lost in transit

    • Final delivery to the agreed destination