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Brazil Amethyst Cluster Heart Wholesale


2 reviews

Material: Amethyst(Brazil).
Size: approximately 1.4-3in(3.5-7cm)
Quality: as the video.
MOQ: 1kg(2.2lbs).
1kg approximately 10-15pcs heart.

In Feng Shui, Amethyst Heart is used for purification quality and the ability to connect to higher energy surfaces. It can be used to calm emotions in homes with excessive debate and misunderstanding. It is also useful for learning.

People Who Suggest the Use of Amethyst Heart:

  • Vaastu Specialists
  • Crystal Healing Experts
  • Feng Shui Masters
  • Healing Stone Specialists
  • Mental & Emotional Healing Experts       

Once you make this Amethyst Heart a part of your daily life and ring this routinely, you will surely make for a great life with all the life force energy in their positive phase.

The colour of the amethyst evokes the powerful healing power of this crystal, from light pink to dark purple, indigo, and violet. Amethyst cleans the negative vibration space, radiates superior energy, and creates a suitable place to return to the source of your power. It promotes the transition to a more meditative state by calming, calming, and removing unnecessary mental disorders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nat N.
Amethyst Cluster Heart - Great Buy!

The amethyst cluster heart I received are gorgeous and my customers love them. I received small hearts but almost all of them are deep purple with nice heart shapes. A few in the lot I received are larger but I actually prefer the smaller hearts because the color is so much darker. They are so pretty I decided to keep a few for myself.

Jodi W.

Very happy with purchase. I was not sure what to expect regarding size assortment as it is not described in listing. I could have asked prior, but decided to embrace the adventure of not knowing. Package arrived quickly, very well packed, and the assortment of sizes/colors was perfect! Not a "boring" stone in the lot. Great quality and attention to detail.