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Obsidian Rhino Carving Wholesale


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Material: Obsidian.
Size: approximately 2.5*1.1*1.7in(6.4*2.9*4.2cm).
MOQ: 5pcs.
Color: as the picture.
Quality: as the picture.

We applied a protective layer to the surface. Please do not wash it at will. If necessary to clean the surface,After washing, please use hair silkning mist for maintenance.

Wrap all items separately,use adequate cushioning material and cartons of sufficient strength. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Earl N.
Solid Squat and powerful

I was hesitant buying these fearing the horns might not be strong enough to withstand transport and normal handling while displayed at the various rock shows I do. I need not have worried. these are solid and well crafted and sure to attract the occassional rhino collector at upcoming shows.