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Healing Crystals - Black Onyx

Today, we'll be exploring the fascinating world of Black Onyx. The name "Onyx" comes from the Greek word "onyx," meaning fingernail. The Greeks and Romans have rich, mythical stories about the origins of various crystals, and Onyx is no exception.

Origin Myth of Onyx
According to ancient myths, Cupid (known as Eros in Greek mythology), the winged god of love, once mischievously cut the fingernails of Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology), the goddess of love, while she was sleeping. The clippings scattered across the Earth, and the Fates, not wanting to lose any part of the beautiful goddess, transformed them into stone. Thus, Black Onyx was created. Interestingly, Black Onyx can actually be used to help heal or strengthen brittle or weak fingernails.

Metaphysical Properties
Metaphysically, brittle nails can be associated with feelings of insecurity or threat. Having Black Onyx around can bring a sense of safety and protection, particularly against unknown dangers. It's a popular crystal for protection, but each black stone offers something unique. For instance, Black Onyx offers protection from unknown threats such as gossip, backstabbing, or psychic attacks. It’s especially useful for those who feel uneasy walking home at night or in an urban setting where unseen dangers may lurk.

Protective Qualities
Black Onyx is also valuable for protecting nocturnal animals. You can grid their habitats with Onyx to keep them safe during the night. In an urban setting, wearing or carrying Onyx can absorb negative energies from people, radiation, and the general environment. It’s a handy stone if you live in or are visiting a bustling city, as it helps to guard against the 'concrete jungle' energy.

Enhancing Personal Magnetism
Black Onyx can also enhance your personal magnetism. In today’s world, we're often pushed to pursue our goals aggressively. However, this approach can deplete our energy. Black Onyx helps balance this out by encouraging a more magnetic approach to attracting what we need.

The Spider Analogy
Consider the spider, an ideal animal guide when working with Onyx. Unlike many predators that actively hunt their prey, the spider creates a perfect web and waits patiently, trusting that the universe will deliver what it needs. Similarly, you can use Onyx to draw in what you need by setting clear intentions and waiting with faith and patience.

Creating a Power Grid
To create a power grid, write down your specific intentions and place the paper on the ground with a Black Onyx over it. Surround it with eight clear quartz points, all pointing inward. Light a white candle nearby. This setup will help draw in what you desire. Remember, although Onyx helps with attraction, you must take proactive steps to prepare yourself, much like the spider prepares its web.

Cleansing Black Onyx
To keep your Black Onyx energetically clean, the best method is to use the element of earth. Bury the stone in the ground overnight, and it will recharge and cleanse itself.

Animal and Plant Allies
Spider, as previously mentioned, is a powerful guide to work with when using Black Onyx. You can meditate and have an internal conversation with the spiritual essence of spider, gaining insights on how to attract what you want in life.

Ivy is the plant ally I recommend when working with Black Onyx. Ivy is known for its protective qualities. Planting Ivy around your home or placing it in a pot near your front door, along with Black Onyx, can create a strong protective barrier against unknown negative energies.

Planetary and Astrological Associations
In astrology, Black Onyx is associated with Pluto, the planet that governs transformation and deep inner power. The best day to work with Onyx is Saturday, ruled by Saturn, which enhances the stone’s protective and grounding qualities.

Black Onyx is a versatile and powerful crystal that everyone should have in their toolkit.

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