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Healing Crystals - Opalite

Today I'm thrilled to share with you the wonders of a special crystal that holds a deep fondness in my heart—Opalite.

Opalite is an incredible stone, visually appealing with its shimmering play of light that resembles Vaseline Glass. The stone's captivating glow makes you feel as if all possibilities in life are endless and that mystical, positive energy surrounds you. Let's take a closer look at Opalite and explore how this stone can positively impact your life.

The Beauty and Essence of Opalite
Here it is—Opalite in all its glory. Just look at that gorgeous color, how it reflects shades of ethereal blue, green, and pink. It's truly divine. This crystal resonates deeply with me not just because of its appearance but also because of the profound energy it emits. Opalite is known to give off an aura of endless possibilities, filling you with a sense of wonder and the belief that anything good can happen.

The Properties and Uses of Opalite
Opalite, despite being a man-made glass, carries a strong and positive energy. I've worked with about 15 small Opalite angels, using them in my healing practice, particularly with young clients aged 8 to 22. These little angels act as protectors, soaking up negative energy and stress-related to school, college, or personal challenges.

When placed on the body during healing sessions, Opalite helps to draw out feelings of failure, fears, and self-worth issues. The crystal's memory stores this negative energy, leaving the individual feeling lighter and more positive. Whether it's a child grappling with bullying or a young adult facing academic pressures, Opalite provides comfort and reassurance through its calming energy.

Protection and Empowerment
One of the standout qualities of Opalite is its protective energy. It helps clear away fears and negative thoughts, replacing them with a strong positive force. When you sense this positive energy, it reinforces your inner strength, making you feel more resilient against life's challenges. The possibilities of healing, achieving a better life, and feeling unaffected by external negativity heighten as you connect with Opalite.

Through its use, you'll start feeling your inner flame becoming stronger. Your sense of self-worth and confidence will rise, akin to how a lion embodies strength and courage. Placing Opalite in the right spots, such as over your heart or third eye, can aid in clearing worries and enhancing spiritual insight. Holding Opalite during meditation or daily activities can boost your energy flow, making you a stronger healer and a wiser individual.

Enhancing Creativity and Intuition
If you're a writer, artist, or embarking on a new project, Opalite is a fantastic companion. It helps tap into your creative flow and inner wisdom, making it easier to access insightful ideas and thoughts. The stone's energy amplifies your inherent capabilities, helping you realize the possibilities within you.

It also supports physical healing, particularly for the liver, kidneys, and bowels. By clearing emotional fears and worries, which often manifest in these areas, Opalite promotes better overall health.

Caring for and Sharing Opalite
To maximize the benefits of Opalite, it’s essential to cleanse it regularly. Use the elements of fire or earth for cleansing. If you seek vibrant, fiery energy, place the Opalite near an open fire or pass it quickly through a candle flame three times. For more grounding and nurturing energy, bury it in the earth overnight.

When you cleanse and work with Opalite, consider invoking the guidance of an animal spirit like the Sunbeam Snake. This creature symbolizes transformation and reveals the beauty within as it shines under the light, much like Opalite itself.

Sharing the Magic of Opalite
Opalite makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. If someone in your family or a friend is feeling down, gifting them an Opalite wrapped with love and an encouraging message can make a significant difference in their life. Let them know they are amazing and capable of conquering any challenge. This heartfelt touch can uplift their spirits and provide them with the protection and positive energy they need.

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