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Healing Crystals - lapis lazuli

Exploring the mystical world of lapis lazuli reveals a stone that exudes regal power and wisdom, akin to a mighty queen on her throne. Unlike other crystals that beckon you into their energy, lapis lazuli demands that you rise to meet its potent vibration before bestowing its gifts upon you. This majestic stone, reminiscent of Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones, requires a level of readiness and alignment from those who seek to harness its energy.

Lapis lazuli, a stone composed of three distinct crystals, offers a unique blend of properties that work harmoniously together. Laserite, the primary blue component, aids in opening intuition and connecting with higher guidance, particularly activating the third eye chakra. White calcite, seen as veins or patches within lapis lazuli, brings a purifying and clearing influence. Finally, the golden specks of pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, add a grounding element, helping to structure and organize the intuitive insights received from laserite.

With its rich historical significance, lapis lazuli has been revered by ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Atlantis. Cleopatra herself crushed lapis lazuli into eyeshadow, drawing upon its wisdom and guidance to make informed decisions and lead with clarity. Renowned figures like Edgar Cayce also recognized the stone's connection to higher realms of knowledge and insight, making it a favored tool for priests, priestesses, and spiritual leaders.

For those seeking to enhance their visionary capabilities and tap into their inner wisdom, lapis lazuli serves as a powerful ally. By wearing the stone consistently and incorporating it into meditation practices, individuals can unlock their intuitive potential and gain clarity on their life path. Lapis lazuli is particularly beneficial for enhancing dream recall and promoting lucid dreaming, allowing deeper insights to surface through the subconscious mind.

Moreover, lapis lazuli is a stone of honesty and truth, encouraging authentic communication and integrity. As a leader in your own life, lapis lazuli helps you speak your truth with confidence and clarity, fostering genuine connections and productive conversations. The stone's cleansing properties extend to the surrounding environment, making it an excellent tool for purifying the air and promoting a harmonious atmosphere.

In rituals and meditation practices involving lapis lazuli, cleansing the stone is essential to maintain its vibrational purity. Utilizing elements like incense smoke or the energy of the stars during nighttime can enhance the stone's energetic clarity and potency. Drawing upon animal guides such as the cat and spiritual allies like sandalwood can deepen your connection to higher realms and intuitive insights, amplifying the effects of working with lapis lazuli.

Astrologically, lapis lazuli resonates with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, making Thursday an auspicious day for harnessing the stone's energies. By aligning with the vibrations of lapis lazuli and embracing its transformative power, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, wisdom, and personal growth.

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