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Healing Crystals - Larvikite

Larvikite truly is a remarkable stone with a range of unique properties that make it a valuable addition to any crystal collection. As mentioned in the video, larvikite, also known as Norwegian moonstone due to its beautiful blue flashes, has a distinct appearance that sets it apart. While it may initially appear dull and grey, once it catches the light, those stunning blue flashes reveal themselves.

One of the standout qualities of larvikite is its ability to reverse spells, making it a useful tool for those who may have cast a spell or made a wish that they later regret. By carrying or wearing larvikite and performing a visualization technique, one can work towards reversing the effects of their previous actions. Additionally, larvikite is known for its protective attributes, warding off negative energies and ill wishes directed towards the wearer.

Beyond its protective qualities, larvikite is also a grounding stone that can help individuals stay focused and balanced in the face of external influences. Whether dealing with emotional pressures, competing interests, or self-imposed procrastination, larvikite can act as a shield, ensuring that one's intentions remain clear and undisturbed.

Moreover, larvikite's connection to water adds another dimension to its metaphysical properties. It can be utilized in nature work to help recalibrate environmental water levels or to bring about rain in drought-stricken areas. The stone's protective energy is particularly beneficial in flood-prone regions, aiding in decision-making during challenging times.

Furthermore, the association of larvikite with the moon underscores its potency during the new moon phase. This is a time for introspection, reversing courses, and connecting with spiritual guides. By working with lava kite during the new moon, individuals can tap into its regenerative qualities, enhancing sleep, promoting vivid dreams, and facilitating a deeper understanding of their path.

Cleansing and caring for larvikite is essential to maintain its energetic integrity. Methods such as leaving the stone outside during the new moon or placing it in natural water sources can help clear and recharge its energy.

larvikite's diverse range of attributes makes it a versatile crystal for various purposes, from protection and reversal work to grounding and spiritual connection. Whether you are seeking to realign your intentions, gain clarity in decision-making, or enhance your spiritual practices, larvikite can be a valuable companion on your journey.

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