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Healing Crystals - Tiger Eye

We delve into the enchanting crystal Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye is a shimmering crystal that often appears in a mesmerizing golden hue, although it can also be found in other colors. As you can see in this close-up of my bracelet, there's the red variation, sometimes referred to as Ox Eye or Dragon's Eye, and the blue variation, known as Falcon's Eye.

Tiger Eye, with its radiant glow, is renowned for its protective qualities, uplifting and empowering energies, and its association with promoting success in various aspects of life. Let's explore each of these themes in more detail. Tiger Eye has a rich history of being used as a protective crystal; Roman soldiers would wear it engraved with protective symbols, and in medieval times, it was believed to shield against demons, spells, and the evil eye.

While black crystals are commonly used for protection by absorbing negative energies, Golden Tiger Eye works differently. It acts as a mirror, reflecting unwanted energies away from you, encasing you in a cocoon of golden light. This allows high vibration energies to permeate while repelling lower vibrational forces. To utilize Tiger Eye for personal protection, consider wearing a piece over your chest or near your solar plexus chakra. By envisioning yourself bathed in a golden ray of light each day, you can harness the crystal's protective energy.

Empower yourself through guided meditations, such as the one found in my Yellow CD—Volume 3: Happiness and Protection—to strengthen your connection with Tiger Eye and enhance your sense of well-being. In addition to personal protection, Tiger Eye can be utilized to safeguard your home by placing small pieces at the four major entrances, creating a protective grid around your living space.

To neutralize unwanted surveillance or intrusive energies, position Tiger Eye near surveillance cameras or in areas where you feel overly scrutinized. The crystal's deflective properties can help maintain boundaries and shield you from excessive monitoring. As you work with Tiger Eye daily, focus on fostering positivity and detaching from draining influences to elevate your vibrational frequency.

You can heighten sensory experiences upon returning—brighter colors, stronger scents, louder sounds—indicate a rising vibrational level, emphasizing this crystal's ability to uplift and brighten one's outlook. Tiger Eye is particularly beneficial for balancing and stimulating the solar plexus chakra, promoting confidence, radiance, and interpersonal connections.

Moreover, Tiger Eye is synonymous with success, prosperity, luck, and growth. Whether embarking on a crucial interview or presentation, harness the crystal's strength to shine and reach your full potential. Tiger Eye's empowering masculine energy resonates with young individuals venturing into the world, instilling confidence and a sense of empowerment.

For financial abundance, visualize your prosperity goals with Tiger Eye and place it near a green candle during a five-minute daily ritual. This alignment with prosperity and transformation can attract abundance into your life. In matters of love and attraction, combining Tiger Eye with complementary crystals like Black Onyx and fiery red stones can enhance compatibility and passion in romantic relationships.

Tiger Eye offers profound lessons through its energetic connection with tigers, urging us to align our actions with our passions and direct our energies toward meaningful pursuits. By supporting tiger conservation efforts and visualizing positive energy for these majestic creatures and their habitats, we can contribute to their preservation.

To maintain the vitality of your Tiger Eye, cleanse it regularly under the Sun's purifying rays or in natural desert sand for its potent, masculine energy. Consider enhancing your connection with Tiger Eye through the aroma of cumin or ginseng, which uplift and empower, complementing the crystal's energy.

Astrologically aligned with the Sun and Sunday, Tiger Eye crystal work is ideally conducted on this day to amplify its energies. While some individuals may experience temporary physical sensations while working with Tiger Eye, rest assured that balancing your interaction with the crystal can mitigate any discomfort.

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