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Healing Crystals - Unakite

Envisioned as a stone of increasing self-esteem, Unakite's orange hues resonate with the sacral chakra, fostering intimacy and comfort in relationships, while the nurturing green of epidote encourages growth and emotional resilience.

An empowering way to work with Unakite is through affirmations. Each morning, hold this captivating crystal to your heart, reciting positive self-affirmations that uplift your spirit and fortify your self-esteem. Carry Unakite with you throughout the day to imbue yourself with a steadfast sense of inner strength and confidence, allowing your self-esteem to flourish and radiate outward.

Unakite serves as a catalyst for nurturing and expanding relationships in one's life. By programming the crystal to attract new friendships or deepen existing bonds, Unakite facilitates a harmonious blend of comfort, openness, and intimacy. Through its vibrant orange and soothing green energies, Unakite paves the way for meaningful connections aligned with your heart's desires, fostering strong and enduring relationships.

Beyond its qualities in self-esteem and relationship enhancement, Unakite also holds significance in preservation, particularly in safeguarding the natural environment. Creating a crystal grid at home with Unakite not only fosters the meeting of kindred spirits but also nurtures growth and safety, resonating deeply with expectant mothers and the healthy development of their babies.

For a harmonious union with Unakite, cleanse the crystal with the grounding energy of Earth, allowing it to release any residual energies and restore its full potential overnight. Embrace the spirit of the moose as your animal guide, embodying pride and authenticity, guiding you towards self-empowerment and unwavering self-belief.

Delve deeper into Unakite's energies by incorporating Yarrow essential oil, associated with drawing love and friendship into your life. Engage in rituals such as placing Unakite under your pillow at night to invite dreams that guide you towards enriching relationships. Embrace traditions like incorporating Unakite and Yarrow in a cloth bag for matrimonial blessings, renewing the bond annually by immersing it in natural bodies of water, symbolizing the nurturing and strengthening of the relationship over time.

Aligned with the planet Venus, Unakite finds resonance on Fridays—a day to cleanse, meditate, and work with this crystal to amplify its transformative energies in enhancing self-esteem and fostering meaningful connections with others. Unakite embodies the beauty of human relationships and offers a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of self-love, preservation, and the nurturing of heartfelt bonds.

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