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Healing Crystals - Jade

What exactly is jade? Jade encompasses two distinct types of crystals: nephrite and jadeite. While both varieties come in an array of colors, green remains the most popular shade for both nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite, widely available worldwide, is typically found in shades of green, white, or yellow. On the other hand, jadeite is highly sought after for its rarity and richness in color variations, ranging from greens and whites to yellows, purples, and even blues. Although they possess unique qualities, both nephrite and jadeite have historically been classified as jade due to their similar characteristics.

Metaphysical Properties of Jade: Known as the "king of crystals," jade is revered for its association with luck and prosperity. Beyond luck, jade can open the heart chakra, aid in dream interpretation, and symbolize abundance and success. It's a stone that aligns well with the Law of Attraction, allowing individuals to attract positivity and abundance into their lives.

Using Jade in Healing: There are various ways to incorporate jade into your healing practices. You can hang jade amulets to attract abundance energy, place smooth jade stones under your pillow for enhanced dream recall, hold jade spheres during meditation for manifestation, use jade figurines for spiritual protection, or gift jade to strengthen lasting relationships.

Cleaning Jade Crystals: Jade is a durable stone that can withstand cleansing methods like water soaking or saltwater purification. However, it's essential to keep untreated jade away from harder stones to prevent scratching. Metaphysical cleansing, charging, and programming techniques can be explored further for optimal energy alignment.

Is Jade Worth More Than Gold?: Historically prized by ancient civilizations, real jade has a significant value surpassing that of gold. Its scarcity and unique qualities, coupled with its durability and symbolic significance, make it a valuable investment that can be passed down through generations.

Is New Jade Real Jade?: New jade, often marketed as jade, is actually serpentine—a different crystal altogether. Serpentine is softer and scratches more easily than jade, making it distinguishable. Genuine jade, whether nephrite or jadeite, holds a distinct hardness and durability that sets it apart.

If you resonate with luck, prosperity, dream interpretation, heart chakra healing, or long-lasting relationships, jade might be the perfect crystal for you. Whether you're seeking abundance, dream clarity, or a lasting connection to ancient wisdom, jade offers a wealth of benefits and energies to explore.

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