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Fake Crystal identification Guide

This article's author has worked in the crystal industry for over 20 years. I hope this article has helped you tell the difference between genuine and fake crystals. I apologize for the author's poor command of the English language. Please leave a comment if you find any grammatical or spelling errors. Thank you for pointing this out!


  1. Dyed crystal
  2. Glue stitching crystal
  3. Man made and smelted crystal
  4. Heat treatment
  5. I haven't thought of it yet...

1.Dyed crystal

The left side is dyed, the right side is natural.Let's look at the back:

The color on the right is very dim, and the bottom of the garden quartz is usually grey/light yellow. dyed garden crystals back are usually very bright(red/green).This is an important criterion for judging dyed crystals. Let's take a look at their inside(left is dyed crystal):

The color of the dyed crystal is still very bright,natural garden quartz the color is gradual. 

2.Glue stitching crystal

 Means Glue the stone slate together and cut and polish it,actually they are two stones glued together. This kind of crystal is also often seen by many sellers claiming that they are real crystals.

In the picture is Glue stitching  pyrite crystal sphere(left) and natural pyrite sphere(right).

The characteristic is that the seam is a straight line. many garden quartz,rutile,pyrite crystals are Glue stitching crystal. If you want to identify whether your crystal is real or fake, you can also contact me.I would be happy to check it for you. 

3.Man made and smelted crystal will update soon.


Hi I have a few I would like to have checked. Could I send the pictures to you?

Yes my friend, Just contact us directly,we will answer your questions. You can also contact us by IG: crystalswholesaleusa

I have a large beautiful garden quartz sphere, i just wanted your assessment of it if possible ❤️

Hi I have a few I would love to have checked. How can I send you pictures?

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