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Rainbow Fluorite Mixed Cube Pyrite Spark Acicular Pyrite Slab


1 review

It's not easy to find the raw stone needed to produce this.Buy more while it is in stock!

Material: Fluorite Mixed Pyrite
Size: approximately 4-6in(10-15cm).
MOQ: 1kg(2.2lbs).
1kg approximately 3-5pcs.
Coloras the picture.
Quality: as the picture.

Note: Every slab is unique, with cube spark pyrite and spark acicular pyrite inside.

pyrite fluorite

Wrap all items separately,use adequate cushioning material and cartons of sufficient strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Suzanne K.
Beautiful Slabs!

The Rainbow Fluorite Slabs are a beautiful addition to our Crystal displays. They are a beautiful backdrop when displayed on easels or set out with points on top. The colors are very vibrant. Customers are very impressed with the size and shapes. Shipping was fast and the packaging is always very well done to prevent any damage.