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Six Star Line Rose Quartz Spheres Wholesale


3 reviews

It's not easy to find the raw stone needed to produce this.Buy more while it is in stock!

Material: Rose Quartz.
Size: approximately 1-1.1in(2.5-3cm).
MOQ: 1kg(2.2lbs).
1kg approximately 25-30pcs.
Color: as the picture.
Quality: as the picture.

The six star must be seen under strong light.

Note: Those are rose quartz spheres with six-sided star,some are more obvious, some are less obvious, but they all have six-stars.please view the video to check the quality before purchasing.

Six Star Line Rose Quartz displays a stunning six-sided star of light (asterism) when light is shone on the stone (it is best to use a torch to illuminate the star). 

Wrap all items separately,use adequate cushioning material and cartons of sufficient strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emilee S.

Bright pink color beautiful rainbow and stars! Thank you

Ginger Y.
Stunning Color!

They are a beautiful rose pink and most have lines in them. Very happy. Thank you

Amy K.
Six Star Line Rose Quartz Spheres

I am so happy with these. They are a beautiful and popular addition to my shop. Just as the description states, there are some that show more prevalent lines than others but they all have them. They're gorgeous.