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Smoky Quartz Crystal Point Tower Wholesale


6 reviews

Product Description

Name Of Item
Smoky Quartz Crystal Point 
Smoky Quartz 
Wide 0.7-1in(1.8-2.5cm)
1kg.About 8-15pcs per kg.

Those are high quality and polish well,no crack.

But the bottom may not be a standard hexagonal prism.



Wrap all items separately,use adequate cushioning material and cartons of sufficient strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Noémie S.
Small and beautiful

Shipping fast and beautiful crystals.

Earl N.
These sold well at this past week ends show

I am a part time show dealer, and have recently acquired a number of oblisk towers from Crystal Wholesale USA including some smokey quartz. They were well recieved at last weeks show in Crystal Minnesota. the lot I recieved varied a little in terms of height and color with some darker than others but my customers bought both darker and lighter - now the difference was not great but I mention to pooint out the digfferent clients sought different levels of smokeyness. Many had natural internal bubbles or striations and while one customer asked if any were perfect, I said no, they were natural and they sold with no problem whatsoever. For what it is worth I had about a dozen plus of eight differnt oblisques which I intermixed on my table and priced at a bit better than twice my cost and was thrilled with the number of sales. I will be reordering more in advance of my next show.

Nicole S.
Love these!

I love the smoky quartz towers, they are just beautiful!

Tammy V.
Smokey quartz points

The smokey quartz points I received were very nice. The sizes were as expected and in good shape. The packing as always was top notch and shipping times as well were great.


These Towers are very nice and I received 8 of them I think. They're very pretty but a couple of them had coloring that seemed a little off to me personally (not consistent coloring or very dark), not sure if they could be heat treated to make them darker? Either way they are very pretty, just took me off guard on a few.